New Yakuza 3 Trailer Is Full Of Hot Yakuza Action

Sega confirmed earlier today that the rumors of Yakuza 3's Western release were true, announcing a March 2010 release date for the PlayStation 3 gangster game. This new trailer, with English peppered throughout, offers further proof.

The new trailer for the game released in Japan earlier this year both pans across and zooms in on sweet Yakuza tattoos, features explosions, promises helicopter mounted mini-guns, sees dudes getting stabbed in the hand and literally shows one man grabbing a bull by the horns. With the exception of turtle racing, it's everything you could want from a Yakuza game.


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I just want:

- More extensive fighting moves (from videos I've seen, this seems to be check).

- Less mahjong as a required to play game to progress.

- More variety in people's voices on the streets.