Microsoft may have stealthily released a new Xbox 360 Arcade configuration this Spring, as members of the XboxHacker forum point to a new "Jasper" model shipping with a built-in Memory Unit with double the storage capacity.

By way of Xbox Scene, the new-ish Xbox 360 motherboard, sporting an April 2009 manufacturing date, features the more reliable "Jasper" guts (65nm CPU and 65nm GPU) plus a 4 Gb NAND flash device. At roughly 512 MB, that's double the storage of current built-in Memory Units, meaning double the entertainment.


Considering Microsoft's push for more and more downloadable content via Xbox Live Marketplace, increasing the ability for Xbox 360 Arcade owners to buy more just makes sense. But we're checking in with Microsoft to check on the legit-ness of these new models.

New Jasper Motherboard with 512MB internal MU [Xbox-Scene - thanks, Xant!]

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