It looks like WWE cruiserweight champion TJ Perkins is going to give Xavier Woods a challenge for the title of top video-game-crazy pro wrestler. Woods may have a popular YouTube gaming show, but Perkins now has a killer gaming-themed ring entrance.

Perkins’ new entrance was part of Sunday night’s Clash of Champions WWE special. Note the health bar, the power-ups and the eight-bit look (via r/squaredcircle user SgtDrP3pp3rs):

And if that was all too subtle for you, the official name for his official theme music? “Playing With Power.”

Whoever runs the official Mega Man Twitter account was impressed:


So was Woods:


And so was fighting game legend Justin Wong (who Perkins retweeted):


Perkins has been Tweeting and retweeting about the entrance (and his successful title defense) since last night. And while he may follow an Overwatch meme account, it sure sounds like his tastes run more old-school. As he Tweeted back to Woods: