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New WoW Races Hinted At By Halloween Masks?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A set of four Halloween masks discovered in the latest test patch for World of Warcraft has players debating over whether or not they've uncovered the next two races for Blizzards massively-popular MMO.

The four masks in question, shown above courtesy of But Wait, There's Lore, depict a goblin male and goblin female, which are pretty standard sights around Azeroth. They also depict, however, a male and female wolf-looking creature, which many in the community are calling Worgen. Worgen are also common around Azeroth, only they are slightly less detailed, and there are no females. This is leading many people to believe that these are two new races that will be announced as part of World of Warcraft's next expansion, which everyone is calling Cataclysm.


I'm on the fence here. The Worgen and the Goblins were the two races I wanted to see in The Burning Crusade, but of course that didn't come to fruition. Giving the Horde goblins would give them a smaller race to hopefully annoy the Alliance as much as Gnomes annoy the Horde, while the Worgen on the Alliance side would give them a nice, bestial-looking race, while allowing the opposing faction to call them furries.


It's all utter speculation at this point, of course. I don't think Blizzard would be so sloppy as to have two major reveals tucked away in a patch anyone has access to. In fact, I'd fully expect the company to do things like that in order to purposefully mislead speculators. Blizzard remains tight-lipped, and will do so until at least BlizzCon next month, where I will be sitting in the audience during the keynote desperately praying my laptop battery doesn't die.

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