Blizzard has posted the first details on Ulduar, the next raid dungeon to be introduced in World of Warcraft patch 3.1, which features vehicle combat against an army and at least one Voltron reference.

Ulduar is actually two separate raid dungeons in one, with the first part consisting of an epic battle between your large group of players and the vast Iron Army, put in place to keep you from learning the secrets hidden within the dungeon itself. Players will gain access to a fleet of siege vehicles in order to break through to the dungeon, with Choppers, Demolishers, and Siege Engines granting abilities to both pilot and passenger. For instance, passengers in the Demolisher can load themselves into the catapult to be launched into the distance, which sounds like way too much fun.

The entire first section culminates in a battle against the Flame Leviathan, a giant tank built " as part of the V0-L7R-0N weapons platform". V0-L7R-0N? Voltron? Come on Blizzard...don't tease us like this. If the tank doesn't eventually become part of a giant robot, we want our money back.

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