New World of Warcraft: Legion Dungeon Is A Ride On A Giant Ghost Ship

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The instance is called Maw of Souls, and was added recently to the forthcoming expansion’s alpha build. It’s one of the nine five-man dungeons coming with Legion and it looks really impressive!


The setting is Vyrkul-themed (basically it’s Norse mythology) with appropriate misty, rocky shores and shipwrecks. Players are transported into Vyrkul hell where they have to cross the Sea of the Damned, riding on a ghost ship called Naglfar. So it’s one of those instances where things are a bit more interactive (think Grimrail Depot from Draenor) and it’s not just some static cave. We’re on a ship in the middle of a giant storm.

The dungeon’s short, the bosses look really fun, so hopefully the novelty won’t wear off fast. The alpha version debuted last night and some YouTubers raced through it already. Here’s Bellular’s video:

And here’s one from FatbossTV. Both clips show the bosses, the tactics against them and the whole environment. The final boss fight looks awesome!

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As AzHeelVsBabyFace says in his Youtube Channel, “I’m not boarding this hype train, Blizzard FOCKED this up on Draenor.” No, forget it, he didn’t say it, I guess. But I do.

But, as usual, the Art Department, the Dungeon Design, Raid Design, are flawless in World of Warcraft. What kills me mood is the apexis grind, valor grind, dungeons that reward nothing of value after 1 month... The whole mechanics of rewards for casuals is a little botched.

No, seriously, the best dungeons in my humble opinion were the Cataclysm dungeons, because they were Nintendo Hard. And remained so for the entire season, along with serious rewards.

Healer fucks up? Death.

Tanker fucks up? Death.

DPS don’t deliver and stand in fire? Boss enrage, healer ragequit, and Death.

You had to MAN UP for 15 minutes, learn the ropes (what is the boxing term again?) if you wanted your shiny loot. You had to FIGHT for it. By the end, you were sharp as a razor, and could coast on the Raids like they were cake-easy, but only because you had your training montage while playing “Eye of the Tiger” on the 5-man dungeons.

And you didn’t have to collect 100k “shiny bauble Justice coins with weekly cap” to trade for better armor or mounts.