New Wolfenstein Bucks 3D Trend, Goes Completely 1D

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id Software's groundbreaking first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D has been stripped to its core, shedding two dimensions to become playable on a "single, dazzling one-pixel line."


After three decades, the 1992 original has been remade by Wonder Tonic with a graphical underhaul that truly underwhelms. Thrill as you walk to the right, shooting blue and orange lines (Nazis!), opening cyan lines that represent doors and desperately hoping for a magenta line to appear when you're down to your last bullet.

If you truly do not care about graphics, play Wolfenstein 1D.

Wolfenstein 1-D [Wonder Tonic]



*Tinfoil hat on*

Even a 1 pixel line has a height and a width.

This ain't 1D. It's 2D!