New Wii Punch-Out!! Details Sneak Out From Nintendo

The Wii re-imagining of the NES classic Punch-Out!! will come with a new two-player mode and see the return of more well-known old-school boxers, according to information released by Nintendo of Europe.

According to a press release from the publisher's web site, which has since been pulled, Punch-Out!! for the Wii supports "1-2 players."


Nintendo's release describes that mode like so: "Punch-Out!! includes a multiplayer mode that lets you and a friend slug it out to the bitter end. As in the single player mode, you'll want to land punches at the right moment to build up Star Punch points that translate into almighty haymakers! Landing and dodging blows in Head-to-Head mode also builds up a Giga Mac gauge. Once full, your fighter is ready to inflict some serious damage."

While we knew that Bronx-born boxer Little Mac and his trainer Doc Louis will go up against Punch-Out!! vets Glass Joe, King Hippo, and Von Kaiser, Nintendo confirms that Spanish boxer Don Flamenco will also return. The roster totals 13, according to the company, meaning there are nine more fighters still to be officially revealed. That includes the unnamed boxer who appears on the Wii game's box art.

Punch-Out new details - Doc Louis is back, 2-player vs. mode, opponents and more! [GoNintendo]

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