Exar make great arcade sticks, and are bringing two new ones to the Wii. You may/will be interested. Both are basically the same thing - a classic six-button arcade layout - but come in two flavours. One is a standard, blank stick, which breaks up the requisite Wii-white with a lovely shade of blue. The other is the same stick, just with some classy Tatsunoko vs. Capcom branding all over it. The blank one launches November 27 for ¥5229 (USD$56), while the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom one launches December 11 for ¥6279 (USD$67). Don't complain about the higher price. Gatchaman is worth the extra spend.

エクサー、Wii用ジョイスティックを2種類発売 「EXARSTICK」と「タツノコVS. カプコン STICK ドリームバトルスティック」 [Game Watch]