New Watch Dogs 2 Patch Adds More Fog, Multiplayer Tweaks

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Ubisoft released a patch for Watch Dogs 2 yesterday in preparation of the first DLC, which will fix some known bugs and balance the multiplayer game modes. While it’s not exactly The Sims level hilarious, there are still some funny changes alongside the more necessary ones.


The PC version of this patch has one more update than the console version: more realistic fog. San Francisco, I’m told, is a pretty foggy place, but the weather effect wasn’t triggering enough on the PC release of the game. They’ve now standardized the appearance of fog so that it will begin at 6pm in the evening and disappear at around 2pm the next day—it won’t appear every day, but now it should appear more frequently.

In my opinion the most important bug fix noted here is that Ubisoft will be getting that one police officer that demands you to pull over to chill out a little. So says Ubisoft, “We’ve also had a talk with the “PULL OVER NOW!” policewoman and she agrees that it’s not necessary to repeat that command as frequently to get the point across. We’re all grateful.” She reminded me a little of this cop in college that would hang out around house parties handing out tickets for open container, and I’m happy to not have to keep reliving that experience.


Hacking Invasions will get the most tweaks in this patch. In the notes, Ubisoft said that, “After reviewing the data and feedback, we’ve concluded that there are too many opportunities for the target to accidentally discover the hacker. … Updates to Hacking Invasions are primarily focused on preventing the occurrence of accidental discoveries.” 

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