New Vegas's Cut Content Shows A Much Different Game

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A new video series called “The Cutting Room Floor” delves into the cut content of Fallout: New Vegas, and host Griffin Lambert sorts out information gleaned from strategy guides, patch changes, game files, and dialogue to paint a picture of what New Vegas was meant to be.

In the first episode, with is dedicated to the Legion faction alongside the second and third episodes, Lambert credibly demonstrates that console hardware capabilities really did limit what could be done in the game, and it appears that there were more open-world skirmishes and bullet-riddled bodies that would have made the world of New Vegas come to life in a dynamic way.

The opening of the third episode of the series is perhaps the best one for demonstrating how Lambert’s method of reconstructing cut content works. By looking at dialogue options, items that remain in the game, and at messages in the game editor, he demonstrates what the steps would have been in a quest that asked the player to infect the Legion camp with an infectious disease.

It makes for a great story, and the editing gives us all of the visual and contextual information we need to really show off what the quest would have looked like in its intended location.


The cut content series has a planned 15 entries, so there’s going to be a lot to dig through.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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Mortal Dictata

Even cut to shreds and released with a incredibly short development time of only a year and a half it’s still far and away the best of the modern Fallout titles.