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New Undertale Speedrun Category Takes 33 Hours To Finish

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An Undertale speedrun usually lasts anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. A speedrunner looking for a greater challenge put together their own exhaustive speedrun that collects every item, ending, and fights ever boss, an undertaking that took over thirty-three hours to complete.

Undertale speedruns are categorized depending on which “route” runners are performing. One of the game’s central features is the ability to complete it without killing anyone or by committing genocide against its cast of colorful monsters. The epilogue text explaining what happened to all the characters can vary wildly depending on who is alive when the game ends. In total, there are 92 different endings to Undertale, all with unique slides and text. “All Endings” speedruns break these down into 10 different main endings, one for each possible ruler of the monster underground with some branching, that runners must collect and last anywhere from four to five hours. Speedrunner Cookiepocalypse created a new category that goes even further. Cookiepocalypse’s category, self titled “True 100%” collect all 92 unique ending slides, finds every item in the game, fights every single boss, and goes on dates with every main cast member. It’s a Herculean task where accidentally killing the wrong monster or forgetting an item leads to backtracking and tons of lost time.


While 100 percent speedruns incorporate tricks and glitches, their biggest challenge is the extreme length. After 23 hours, Cookiepocalypse disabled his stream in order to take a nap before another six hours of playtime to finish the run.


The run ends with one of the more difficult challenges; in order to complete the run and access a hidden room, Cookiepocalypse must make it through the ending credits without getting hit by any of the scrolling text. A single hit means restarting the game’s lengthy final battle sequence. Thankfully, he survives to complete the run and answer the question “how long would it take to do all that Undertale bullshit?”