New Tony Hawk Detailed At E3 2009

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Will the king of skateboarding video games make a comeback in 2009? Activision plans on delivering new details on the next Tony Hawk game during E3 2009.


We've not heard much from the Tony Hawk front since traditional developer Neversoft shifted focus to work on the Guitar Hero franchise for Activision. So far all we know is that Activision has promised that the next game in the series will be a re-engineering of the franchise, and that Tony Hawk himself has claimed the game will be the closest thing you'll ever see to real skateboarding.


During Activision's earnings call today, president and CEO of publishing Mike Griffith told us to expect more details on the next game in the franchise at next month's E3. Hopefully we'll see the game in action, or at least confirm whether or not rumors of Robomodo's involvement prove true.

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Having played Skate It, I don't think a skateboard peripheral is a good thing. It was fun hopping around on the balance board for a few minutes, but it was impossible to get any precision. Giant Bomb said that an Activision rep said it will be as close to real skateboarding as you can get.

I think the Skate series is as close as I want to get to that. I've tried real's hard.