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We may earn a commission from links on this page

New Tomb Raider And Halo Comics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lara Croft on a camel leads off this selection of comic book covers from the just-released Dark Horse comics solicitations for November 2014:

Tomb Raider #10 cover by Andy Park

After a terrifying journey in the cursed depths of the lost Roanoke colony, Lara heads aboveground to the desert, now in possession of dangerous information—and under attack! Lara’s globetrotting hunt for truth continues!

Halo: Escalation #12 cover by Anthony Palumbo

“Exposure” part 2—Disaster looms as Spartans Ray and Thorne race against time to track down a mysterious new weapon of mass destruction. Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcre, Bloodshot) and Ricardo Sánchez (Green Arrow) bring you the stunning conclusion of another action-packed chapter of the Halo saga! • An essential addition to the Halo canon!


The Massive #29 cover by J.P. Leon (no summary, but J.P. Leon is the best)


Mind MGMT #28 cover by Matt Kindt

Meru has a new mission: targeting every agent loyal to the Eraser’s new Management. Sides are being chosen, and the final line is being drawn!


Dark Horse Presents #4 cover by Jerry Ordway

After a demon steals a child’s soul, occult professor Alice Creed must track down the evil culprit in Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway’s Semiautomagic. A new tale of conspiratorial superheroics from the world of Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne’s The Mighty, written by Keith Champagne with art by Leonard Kirk! Plus, Evan Dorkin delivers eight hilarious pages of House of Fun! New chapters of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Andy Kuhn’s Wrestling with Demons and Tyler Jenkins’s The Chaining fill out the rest of this awesome issue!


The Legend of Korra Naga Plush Doll

Despite her intimidating appearance, Naga the polar bear dog is sweet and is regarded as Korra’s best friend. Undyingly loyal, she is protective of Korra and has learned how to use her strength to help her out of perilous situations. We have teamed up with Nickelodeon to create this version of Naga, Avatar Korra’s faithful and beloved animal companion. Naga is beautifully captured in this super-detailed, 11” tall cuddly plush doll that is sure to please all Legend of Korra fans!


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