New TMNT Game Is 360 Timed Exclusive

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Yay! More timed exclusives! Thanks, Microsoft. The latest title to piss off half the gaming world with a staggered release is one of the new Ninja Turtles games.


Given the name Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, it's a modern remake of Konami's classic 1991 side-scrolling arcade title, and will be out worldwide on July 22. Well, it'll be out on Xbox Live Arcade on July 22. As for the PlayStation Network, all Ubisoft will say is that it'll be out "later this year".



What sucks about timed exclusives is that if you buy it first, you'll probably miss out on all kinds of goodies. How many times have we seen a timed exlusive reach a second platform with gameplay tweaks and other improvements (like Alone In The Dark)? Then again, I suppose there are just as many examples of the same game releasing later and playing worse.

Excited for this release either way though. Seeing Leonardo get whacked by that board brings back great/infuriating memories.