Why settle for watching the new Dragon Ball Z stuff in a movie, when you can play it all in a game?

Siliconera reports that Dragon Ball Xenoverse is bringing in characters from the new DBZ movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. As you may know, the movie includes two new things. One, there’s the “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” transformation. It makes saiyan’s hair blue instead of gold if they manage to acquire ‘godly ki’ while in Super Saiyan form. And there’s also the “Ultimate Evolution” Frieza, which is a transformation that turns the villain gold while also being very taxing on his stamina. Here’s what all of that looked like in the movie:

In the game, both characters will have their own special moves, such as the Ultimate Kamehameha, and the Emperor’s Death Beam Technique. There will also be new quests and items, all of which drop on June 9th. Here are some screenshots for the upcoming DLC: