Street Fighter fans are on tenterhooks, convinced these pics show fragments of a Super Street Fighter IV screen and logo. One hit up Capcom's Twitter to ask if any news was coming this weekend. The reply: "no. but mebbe monday."

Stoking the fire is that pic above from GamePro Germany. It's captioned as "Yoshinori Ono with some other guy, but if you look a little closer in the background, you can see T. Hawk in his Street Fighter 4 form." Then, if you look down by Some Other Guy's leg, you see a piece of the Street FIghter logo superimposed over a giant "S." Fans take that to mean it's the Super Street Fighter IV logo, and thus something is gonna be announced very soon.

Remember, the Japanese official Street Fighter IV blog has said for a couple weeks now that news was on the way, which some figured was news of a sequel or other iteration.


I've emailed Seth Killian to ask if mebbe he can shed more light on it. I'm not sure I'll get a reply, as he's likely either still in Japan or flying back. But if we hear anything more it will be updated here. Mebbe.

T. Hawk Pic, Super Street Fighter 4 Info Maybe on Monday [EventHubs, thanks to all who sent this in]