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New Strategy Game Is Half Risk, Half Magic: The Gathering

Part collectible card set, part strategic board game, the upcoming iOS app Monsterology could be another cool addition to the growing sector of the gaming industry that combines physical media with virtual interactivity.


The concept is neat; you take one of the cards created by developer Nukotoys, flick it against your iPad, and watch it appear on your screen. If you have a Wyvern card, that's the monster you get in Monsterology. Got a Catapult? You get a Catapult.


You can then use these monsters and war machines to defeat your opponent, an evil dark wizard.

Nukotoys co-CEO Rodger Raderman spoke to Kotaku about the game (which he describes as "for ages 9-99") during the New York Toy Fair on Sunday. Though he didn't want to share too much gameplay until closer to release, which will be this spring, you can get a brief glimpse of Monsterology in the above video.

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Oh I'm sorry i thought we were talking about Warmachine.

That's how all my friends describe the gameplay, even though I've never played Magic in my life.