New Star Soccer Turns you Into a Mobile Superstar

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New Star Soccer is a flash game that's been available on PC for years now. It's fun, and it's free. Well, it's also now out on Android, iPhone and iPad, and while it's no longer free, it's still great fun.


Paring back a lot of the more interactive features present in the desktop version, the iOS New Star Soccer keeps things simple: you create a football player, pick their team then watch the action unfold ala the Football Manager series.

Where NSS differs, though, is in its participation. You're not just adjusting sliders and watching things take place from afar; whenever your guy is involved in the action, you're put in direct control of them, carrying out various minigames that correspond to activities like shooting and passing.

Throw in off-field activities like gambling, looking after a girlfriend and buying a PSP and it's the almost the perfect marriage of quickplay phone game, football management sim and RPG.

New Star Soccer [Free, App Store]

New Star Soccer [$2.99, Android Marketplace]


Been playing this on iPad for about a week now, I'm completely addicted. For the record, it's free on iOS but you have to pay 99c/69p to continue the career mode after ten matches. It's definitely worth it though. Got all the achievements in it already.