New Spectrobes 2 Creature DLC Available

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Staff at Disney Interactive Japan & Jupiter Corp hand picked their 'favourite' new creatures for the wholly un-Pokemon-like monster egg archaeology game Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals. Each of the eggs will be available for download at a cost of one point each. Interestingly (to me, anyway - feel free to form your own opinions) the option of using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to download content is itself an unlockable ability within the game. That list of downloadable Spectrobe beasties in full, after the jump.Komanoto Selected by Kentaro Hisai, Producer “I used Komanoto during all the battles I fought during my global media tour this fall and took a liking to the creature’s battle skills and I fared well in those.” Hapazoa Selected by Yasutaka Kimura, Associate Producer “He disappears and then strikes the enemy just like a Japanese ninja. Evolve him and train him into a master ninja.” Zaamaru Selected by Adam Evanko, Associate Producer/Localization “At level 99, he is the most powerful Spectrobe in the entire game, even stronger than his evolved form, so keep him as is. I love power.” Rygazelle Selected by Tetsuro Hosokawa, Director “He is so cool looking and easy to use for beginners. He makes up for any loss of power with his awesome speed.” Masetosu Selected by Agaru Tanaka, Planning Director “He’s modeled after a fighting android, which I think is really cool. He’s a great distance fighter, but has a weak defense, which is why this one comes with defensive parts equipped.” Sametosu Also selected by Tanaka-san “This is the most destructive and powerful Spectrobe in my opinion. Pair him with the Masetosu that I selected and you have a virtually unbeatable team.” Montrados Selected by Hayato Fukunaga, Battle Planner “He’s fast, powerful and well balanced. He’s great for hit and run tactics and a great all-around Spectrobe for wireless battles.” Inkaflare Kouji Kiriyama, Art Director “He’s armored like a tank. He may be slow but nothing feels better than mowing down enemies with his powerful punches.”



At only a "point" each, that's not breaking the bank. But since there's no physical storage for the DS...that means you're truly paying for content that's already in the game.