New Slim Ads Roll Out Sony's "Director of Rumor Confirmation"

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Hot on the tail of official confirmation of the much-rumored Playstation 3 Slim and price drop, comes a new U.S. marketing strategy from Sony that employees much tongue in much cheek.

The ads will be similar to the ones rolled out by Sony for MLB '09 The Show with Red Sox's Dustin Pedroia arguing with Director of Game Accuracy Kevin Butler, Industry Gamers reports.

Seems like a step in the right direction for PS3 ads to me? To you?

Exclusive: First Details of U.S. PS3 Slim Marketing Blitz

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Now, someone go tell him there was a rumor that BC will be in the Slim by the end of the year. I need confirmation of this by Sony.

Oh well, even the director of rumor confirmation probably wouldn't confirm that rumor.