Illustration for article titled New emSkylanders/em Sidekicks Arriving in Frito Bags in Two Weeks?

This rumor has bubbled on enthusiast sites and message boards since about April, but an official-looking PowerPoint floating out there in the wild suggests a promotion this July will combine Mike Fahey's two greatest loves: Skylanders and snack foods.


The four Sidekicks, pictured above, appear to be in-game characters only (no figurines). They'll be claimed by redeeming a code found inside the multipacks of single-serving chips that moms usually stick in their kids' lunch bags. The promotion is expected to begin July 9 in North America, and is aimed at back-to-school shoppers. It'll last through the week of Aug. 20.

I've reached out to an Activision representative to get any more details, if I can, on this promotion and the Sidekicks, and what kind of availability, if any, is outside of North America. (One note, that "exclusive to FL" seems to mean "exclusive to Frito-Lay" not the Florida market.)


I wish they would tell us more about sidekicks [GameFAQs, h/t Bugashi]

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