There's Donkey Kong in this video. Zaxxon. Kuribo's shoe. And is that a Castlevania reference? Check out bay area rapper Vocab Slick's new video, "Somethin' Slick'" and see how many nods to classic video games you can recognize.

This is the explicit version of the song, mind you, so put on headphones in case anyone near you will be bothered by a little bit of cursing.


"Somethin' Slick" features vocals by Vocab Slick and Kye the Guy. The song is produced by Brycon. The music video was directed and animated by Unjust, who used Photoshop to manipulate footage from Ninja Gaiden, T&C Surf Designs and others to put the rapper into the games.

The single is part of an EP of the same name. You can check it out or buy it on iTunes.

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