New Rainbow Six Game Loses its Top Men

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Usually, when a studio is developing a new game, it has top men working on it. Top. Men. But Ubisoft's upcoming Rainbow 6: Patriots is a temporary exception, as four of its top men have reportedly been "removed" from the project.


Not fired from the company, just removed from this game. Those men are Creative Director David Sears, Narrative Director Richard Rouse III, Lead Designer Philippe Therien and Animation Director Brent George. Game Informer says that it's a result of Ubisoft restructuring the development team, which sounds like drastic changes are afoot for the promising-sounding anti-terrorist title.

Ubisoft has since only confirmed the departure of Sears.

UPDATE: Ubisoft Montreal Decapitates Rainbow 6 Patriots Dev Team [Game Informer]


I just want to hear about SC: Conviction 2.