New PSP Firmware Adds Bluetooth Tethering, More For PSPgo Launch

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Sony is rolling out new firmware—version 6.10 for those keeping track—for the PlayStation Portable any minute now in preparation of the launch of the PSPgo. What's new? Bluetooth tethering for one.


Tethering may be the most enticing new feature in the imminent PSP firmware update, offering an alternative method for connecting to the internet via a Bluetooth device. And since that's a Bluetooth feature, we're guessing that's for PSPgo owners only, as that device features built-in Bluetooth.

Slightly less enticing is new SensMe music categorization support, a proprietary Sony application that automatically categorizes whatever music PSP owners have transferred to the device. If you've ever wanted to listen to some tunes that are "Evening" flavored, SensMe has you covered.


Finally, PlayStation Network Ops director Eric Lempell says that a new PlayStation Store interface for the PSP's Media Go software will be supported in 6.10. It looks very iTunes-esque from our expert squinting.

Expect the newest firmware update to hit soon. Very soon.

PSP Firmware Update (v6.10) []

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This is making the non-gaming media options less appealing to me when they are putting restrictions to their own device. That is something I now regret with the ipod.