New PS4 Game Everything Lets You Play As... Everything

“In Everything, every single thing is a playable character,” writes artist David O’Reilly on the PlayStation Blog today. “If you can see it, you can be it.” Well. Alright then.

In this newly announced, insane-sounding PS4 game by O’Reilly—who also designed Mountain—the pitch is simple: You can be everything. Rather than bother with typical video game nonsense like “playable characters” or “levels,” Everything will somehow let you inhabit just about anything.


Everything lets you be anything you want,” O’Reilly writes. “If you ever wanted to see what it’s like to be a horse, or a paperclip, or the sun, this is for you. Your main power in the game is Being (there are more but I won’t ruin the surprise).”

In other news, I’m starting to suspect that David O’Reilly is actually Peter Molydeux.

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