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New PS2 Models Hitting US Stores

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Multiple readers across North America have emailed to inform us that the new, slightly smaller, AC adapter-less PlayStation 2 systems are hitting U.S. retail outlets this week. Reader Schpadoinkle666 works at Walmart (we're sorry) and sends us a picture of the new package, while a guy named Creighton sends word that he found one in his local Fry's Electronics yesterday.

I was browsing the local Fry's Electronics on Monday and saw that they had the 90000 series PS2s in stock for $129. The box was slightly smaller than the slims (reduced to $124); the definitive clue to me was that the description of the box contents mentioned an ac cord but omitted mention of an ac adapter.

Lovely! Now if they'd just knock down that price another $30 I would buy one for every room in the house.