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New Prince of Persia Developer Diary Shows Us the Works

Just as the title says this first dev. diary from the Prince of Persia team shows us all sorts of stuff from the new acrobatics, to animation, sound design, and even a little tid bit from the story. Bottom line, the game looks awesome and I can't wait to try the roof running. Prince of Persia is currently scheduled to hit Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this holiday season.


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In the part where you see the guy working on the prince you can see his

garments penetrate the princes skin. I've seen this in a couple of PoP

videos already. They are probably not gonna fix it anymore. For me this is a

most annoying visual glitch. They are tryin to do mighty cool things but

can't even get the basics done. They shouldn't do fancy cloth-'simulations'

when they can't control it right.

A lot of games have these issues. I almost liked it better when they had

less power for those 'tricks' but had less of these glitches also..