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Meet Smooth Jarvis, the new character for the PlayStation Network game PAIN, brought to you by the fine folks at AXE deodorant.

In-game advertising gets ridiculous with the introduction of Smooth Jarvis, whose "Double Pits to Chesty" special move mimics the actions involved in applying AXE brand deodorant products. Players who use PAIN's in-game video function to capture Jarvis combining the Double Pits move together with other pain moves between September 1st and 30th can enter to win fabulous prizes, like a 42" Sony HDTV, or a custom Smooth Jarvis action figure. Yay.


If you were going to be outraged over in-game advertising, now would be a good time.

PlayStation and AXE Introduce "Smooth Jarvis" and New Moves in PAIN [PlayStation Blog]

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