New Overwatch Comic Is Full Of Holiday Cheer

Blizzard just released a new Overwatch comic, and it’s a refreshingly joyous look into the lives of the game’s heroes. Especially Tracer.

Like the game’s recent Winter Wonderland update, the comic centers around the holidays. In it, Tracer rushes to find a gift for A Special Somebody, only run out of time (and the magical time juice that powers her chronal accelerator). Things work out in the end, however, and Tracer’s story concludes on a very happy note:


Back in 2015, Blizzard said there would be multiple LGBT characters in Overwatch, something fans have been speculating about ever since. Blizzard recently said they’d be revealing a canonically gay character “soon.” At this point, it sure seems like they were referring to Tracer!

The comic also gives us a few shots of other characters celebrating the holidays:

Note Genji writing a letter in the upper left-hand corner and Mercy receiving it in the bottom right. Interesting! Also McCree and Sombra hang out? Surprising!

Awww, they all look so happy! Well, except Reaper. And Solider. And Ana. And McCree. And oh jeez, poor Widowmaker.

I’m gonna get them all Plays Of The Game as presents. If there’s a better digital equivalent of a hug, I haven’t heard of it.

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