New, Non-Movie Transformers Game Coming

As we've established, no matter how good the Transformers movie games are, they'll always be flawed by the fact they're based on the movies. But what about a game not based on the movies?


The Cut Scene reckon that Activision are working on a Transformers game due for release in 2010. Which makes sense, since they like to exploit their franchises, and exploit them annually.

But there's no Transformers movie due in 2010. Which means the game - apparently being worked on by High Moon, the team behind the Bourne Conspiracy game - won't be based on either of the movies.

Which could be good! It could mean High Moon will be given the freedom to come up with their own levels and design decisions. It could also mean that, without a movie to cash in on, they could go and make a Transformers game based on, oh, Gen 1. Or the original film. Or even Beast Wars.

Then again, it could not. We don't know! We're just speculating. Sorry, that tends to happen when Transformers are concerned.


Activision has High Moon working on Transformers, Radical on Spider-Man [The Cut Scene]

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