New Need For Speed Undercover Trailer Shows First Gameplay

Get ready for your thrills, cars, and police chases. It's still a tease, but we do get to see a little gameplay footage from the twelfth Need For Speed title. The game will be coming out on all current consoles including the recently announced version for the iPod Touch. Fahey and I can't put ours down. (the iPod touch that is)

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I bloody hated most wanted. Sure it was fun for awhile, but after a while you realize how little tracks there really are. There's not a lot of variety. There are no weather effects, no Night/Day Cycle. The Damage model sucked.

The Cop chase model sucked, hard!!! On 4 or 5 Star Wanted Level, I could literary see Cops spawn behind me in my rear-view mirror and spike-strips would just materialize 100 meters in front of me and of course I had no time to react even in slow-mo. Also, it felt stupid that new Cop cars would almost immediately replace those that have been wiped out.

The cars also sucked, these supposed souped-up "sports" cars couldn't turn to save my life!!

The catch-up AI was balls. I only made it to position 2 since the catch-up AI was so bad in races that any mistake you made would have your opponents buzz by you in perfect harmony.

The traffic would spawn at the exact same point with the exact same car on every track. That looked really lazy.

The blur effect that kicked in whenever you went over 60 KPH sucked balls!!! Get rid of that shit!!!

If they can increase the track variety by alot and not just by having 16 tracks which only consist of 4 tracks forward, backward, and mirrored forward adn backward, get rid of the catch-up AI, add realistic vehicle damage a la Forza 2, get rid of the cheap Cop AI, rethink the speed-blur filter, and make the supped up sports cars actually handle like supped up sports cars then maybe this game will be good.

I have my doubts. Need for Speed hasn't been good since Hot Pursuit 2 and that was just decent.