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New Mod Brings Dragon Ball Powers To GTA V

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At long last, you can play as the brutal Saiyan Goku was always meant to be.

Remember when Earth’s mightiest hero first learned that he was actually sent to the planet to destroy it? Well a new GTA V mod plans to let you reenact that exact mission. The residents of Los Santos don’t stand a chance.

The mod is the work of JulioNIB who’s been slowly releasing YouTube videos of the project in action. Currently he’s been able to introduce everything from ki blasts to teleportation. Previous mods of his have let players fly around the city as different superheros like the Flash and Iron Man, but Tony Stark’s laser blasts have nothing on a Kamehameha.

There’s also few things more eerie and terrifying than watching a stone-cold Goku hover through the streets lighting everything up with Destructo Discs. The model was provided by modder Quechus13 and the entire thing is still a work in progress.

It’s by no means the first mod to add Dragon Ball stuff to the world of GTA V, but the powers and their effects look especially cool. You can test the mod yourself if you want by downloading it over at his Patreon page.


(Via PC Gamer)