New Mod Brings Another Massive Chunk Of Skyrim To 2002's Morrowind

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The main Elder Scrolls series consist of five games released across nearly two decades, and as a result the game’s fans have spent much of that time modding pieces of the older games into the newer ones. Or in this case modding parts of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into the now ancient third game in the series, Morrowind.


Called Skyrim Home Of The Nords, the project’s creators have been dutifully demaking the lands of Skyrim and adding them to Morrowind. Spotted by GameWatcher, the group’s latest release adds the war-torn city of Dragonstar. Here’s the trailer:

“[A] massive expansion to the province of Skyrim, adding over 60 new quests, 3 new faction questlines, and 111 new exterior cells (about the size of Solstheim) to the game-world of Morrowind!” write the creators on the trailer’s YouTube page. It brings a total of over 100 new quests to the Skyrim Home of the Nords mod, and a playable area on par with half the size of the standard version of Morrowind.

The project, which its modders say they’ve been working on for over 10 years now, isn’t meant to be a one-to-one recreation of Bethesda’s newer game in the old one, but rather a fan interpretation of Skyrim as imagined through the lens and existing lore of the 2002 game. “A comprehensive and sustained effort from model-makers, landscape designers, interior-fiddlers and quest-wranglers has allowed for this latest release,” they write in the new update notes.

You can find out more, including installation instructions, over on the mod’s Nexus page.

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I haven’t played Morrowind in about 13 years I guess it’s time reinstall it. It’s going to be neat to see what it’s like to have all the settings maxed out AND a buttload of mods installed while running the Morrowind script extender