New Mod Allows You To Play As Magneto In Grand Theft Auto V

There’s a new mod that lets you be Magneto in Grand Theft Auto V. As if that game didn’t have enough in it already.

Eagle-eyed Christopher Livingston over at PC Gamer noticed this new mod from JulioNIB, who has made a lot of interesting mods for GTAV.


What I love about the mod is how conceptually simple it is. What would it be like to be Magneto in a giant open world? How would his powers interact with the police and pedestrians that make GTAV so weird and interesting? Now we know.

The video embedded above really shows off the range of what Magneto has going on in the mod, and basically every use of his powers that we saw in the X-Men films is present in some way. The “steal your guns and shoot you with them” power remains as disturbing as it was in the original X-Men film back in 2000.

Anyway, you can fly through the air, super punch vehicles, create a destructive tornado, and rip things out of the ground in order to smash things. It is very cool!

You can find installation instructions here. It is, of course, only for PC.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.



How do you program “manipulating all metallic objects” into a game? Flying I get, super punches I get, but what does it take to give the player the ability to literally be Magneto? I need answers