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Caressa Cameron (pictured, left), as the newly minted Miss America, wants you to play imaginary games in the street. That's one of the "standards" that should be "set" for our "children," she said in her winner's interview.


Cameron's take-away-the-tv-and-games quote in her winner's interview was straight boilerplate: Video games destroy kids' motivation, creativity, make them lazy, possibly also spread gonorrhea, etc. The solution, she said, is not just just to play imaginary games in the street - it's to play "imaginary games with sticks in the street," Cameron says, "like I did when I was little."

Look, the games community is used to being an argumentative straw man but usually in the comparisons it loses out to alternatives such as reading or studying, and who can argue with that, really. But now it's worse and less enlightening than playing in traffic with firewood? The hell?


Oh, by the way, Rush Limbaugh judged this thing. That's how we know we got such a quality winner.

Miss America Disses Video Games [Examiner. Image via]

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