Illustration for article titled New iMinecraft /iLEGO Kinda Misses The Point Of LEGO

While there have always been jokes about Minecraft LEGO - the toys have done much of what the game does for decades without its help, thanks - this new set takes things to a whole new level of "wha huh?".


It's called a Minecraft Crafting Box. It's a box full of LEGO pieces. The box art says "Build your own creations!"

You know, just like...ah, forget it.

The box contains instructions to build 8 different scenes, and yes, while it's kinda sad that this is a licensed box doing what LEGO already does, being sold as some kind of big deal, it does include specific Minecraft pieces, as well as a cool chart that compares actual Minecraft elements to the LEGO pieces in the box.

You can read more about this weird new set at Brothers Brick, where they also take it to task for including official images that break the rules of what's allowed in Minecraft.

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