The newest Max Payne shoot 'em up features "drastic changes in setting and character design," in Rockstar Games' own words. We think these new screen shots of Max Payne 3 perfectly illustrate how drastic those changes are.

If you're a Game Informer subscriber, you're more than likely already familiar with some of these shots, already having come to terms with Max's struggles with baldness and adult-onset beer gut. Mr. Payne clearly has the triceps to double-wield a pair of almost any weapon and a carefree wardrobe perfect for thrilling bullet time dives.

For a half-dozen shots of Max Payne 3 in action, action set far from Max's old stomping grounds in New York City, check out our gallery of Rockstar Vancouver's Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation shooter.

Max will have the ability to fire two pistols at once in Max Payne 3.


He's also be able to shoot people to death with shotguns.

Max will also be able to hold two sub-machine guns, but fire just one of them.


He'll also take momentary pauses from shooting hundreds of people to find cover. Then he'll shoot someone.

Max's adventures will take him to varied locations in which he shoots people, with all manner of lighting conditions available to the former police officer.


Payne will also take time to reflect on his shooting spree, looking left and right for new people to fire guns at.