New Madworld Trailer Adds Cheese To The Bloodbath

There's a new trailer for Platinum Games' Wii slaughterfest MadWorld to go along with today's impressions, proving that even the most violent of games can be diluted with a bit a over-the-top bad acting.

Playing out as a parody of your average sports commentary television show, this MadWorld Death Watch trailer features a couple of horrible actors making painfully cheesy quips while scenes from the game play out on the monitor behind them. They get points for enthusiasm, but sometimes enthusiasm just isn't enough. Any excitement I tasted from the earlier hands-on just got washed away, leaving a terrible taste in my mouth. I think it's gouda.


Fahey is being very bitter. I loved the ad. In fact, Sega's marketing has been phenomenal lately. Between that Sonic ghost short, the grindhouse presentation of House of the Dead, and now this, they're really on the ball.