Dead Rising 4 Coming This Holiday [UPDATE]

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UPDATE (6/13): Dead Rising 4 is official. Microsoft announced the game during their E3 press conference today, after a leak revealed it last week. It’ll be out for Xbox and Windows 10 this holiday.


Yep, that’s Frank West. Here’s the trailer:

Original post follows:

Rumors of a new Dead Rising game have been floating around for a while now, and today it’s all but official: Dead Rising 4 is coming, and should be announced at E3 next week.

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Images of the new Dead Rising game popped up on a site called ThisGenGaming this afternoon, and they appear to show Dead Rising star Frank West (who didn’t appear in Dead Rising 3) riding around in the snow. Although we’ve grown not to put much faith in blurry off-screen photos, I recently saw another shot of that same poster from a different source, which helps corroborate the leak.

We hear this game is set in Willamette, Colorado—the same location as Dead Rising 1—so it may be a remake of some sort. Xbox and PC would be a good bet as well. We’ll see more at Microsoft’s press conference on Monday.



Exciting news! I love DR franchise. I just hope this isn’t restricted to Win10 (Windows Store) and Xbox One only (a la Quantum Break). Knowing MS, however, the hope is at an all time low.