New League Of Legends System Wants To Reform Bad-Mouthers

Riot Games’ latest attempt to help stop jerk League of Legends players from being such jerks isn’t a different type of ban, it’s a potentially helpful piece of feedback.

The new system, which started in North America yesterday, is based on report cards. When a player is flagged as having displayed “negative behavior”, the game is able to whip up a chat log, highlight what went wrong and show the offending player exactly what they said that resulted in the punishment (along with notification of their punishment) in a “report card”.


All in the hopes that by actually showing people what they said that upset another player, they’ll be able to take note and avoid doing so in the future.

Called “instant feedback”, Riot says it’ll target “homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and other forms of excessive abuse”.


If testing goes well in North America over the next few days, it’ll go live across all regions.

We’ve seen Riot’s efforts in punishing hostile users and researching means of encouraging players...this kind of reform work adds yet another approach to the studio’s war against assholes in one of the biggest games on the planet.


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