The newly minted world record holder in Donkey Kong didn't have a lot of space in his high-rise condo. So when he brought home an arcade cabinet, one of three things had to go: sofa, fridge, or commode.

Hank Chien (pictured) told Details magazine that he jokingly passed that ultimatum to his brother, with whom he shares a small high-rise condo in New York. Ultimately, the two were able to fit one in front of the balcony, sparing all three necessities.


Chien, whose 1,061,700 bested Billy Mitchell's three-year-old record earlier this month, said he became so addicted to Donkey Kong that he was "not eating and not doing laundry." He figured that once he beat a million he'd retire from the game, but realizing that it was only 12,000 points from the world record, knew that he couldn't just quit there.

He says that Steve Wiebe, another former No. 1 record holder, has congratulated him in a forum post, but Mitchell has not said anything, either to him or publicly. As for the mark, Chien considers it "very beatable," saying he played conservatively, knowing he would still beat the mark if he held back.

"On top of that, two of my deaths were completely stupid. So, my score is very beatable-and if nobody beats it, then I am probably going to beat it myself," he said.

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