New Kingdom Hearts Game Will Be At E3

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E3 may well be full of unexpected surprises, but one thing that's for sure is we'll see a new Kingdom Hearts game.


Series director Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed in the latest issue of Game Informer, and while he stopped short of saying that one of two KH games currently in development is Kingdom Hearts 3, he did say one of them would be revealed for the first time at E3, which begins on June 15.

We're about due for a third Kingdom Hearts game, but hey, this is Square! So don't get your hopes up. It could be Kingdom Hearts: Detente Excelsior 720/720 for the iPhone for all we know.


[Game Informer]

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mintycrys: Pirandello Kruger part-timer

Kingdom Hearts could've been wonderful.

See, it's like some indie music group that has a really good, critically-acclaimed debut album, and after achieving some measure of fame with it, is presented with a choice between staying indie so they can continue their artistic aspirations, or signing a contract with a major record label for touring, merchandising, and a hot new album with some of the industry's biggest songwriters and producers working with the band.

Oh course, Kingdom Hearts went the rock star route, and is performing live with flashy pleather outfits and performing mediocre pop songs produced by noted producer Dr. L-Dawgizziddlyuptious and written by famed pop songwriters UYU & MarKisS.