New Justice League Short Has Superman Doing Something He’s Never Done

If you thought the way that an alternate-reality version of Batman dealt with Harley Quinn was surprising, then wait and see what Superman does to Brainiac.



You know things are bad in a universe where Amanda Waller is the president of the United States. So bad, in fact, that the woman who’s bossed around the villains of the Suicide Squad in another reality orders a nuclear strike on American soil. The re-imagined Superman starring in Justice League: Gods and Monsters flies in to save the day but he has to do something horrible to do it.


Let’s be honest: once the Son of Zod pierces that force field, it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen. But it’s still hard to watch. We’ve seen the Man of Steel end lives before. Some of those stories played out that beat better than others. But, in almost all of those instances, Superman exercised the grimmest of options against threats that were pretty much full-grown adults. This time, it’s a scared, confused, crying kid. You can argue that it’s an artificial life that can destroy a good chunk of America but, nevertheless, this Brainiac feels, thinks and acts like a kid. At this rate, who knows what the Gods and Monsters version of Wonder Woman is going to do?

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It’s so strange to feel so excited for something that DC is doing... But here I am, excited. This and the last short...amazing.