New iPod Touch Better Than iPhone for Games

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The iPhone is being widely touted as the next big Gaming Thing. It is definitely true that the JesusPhone™ is a capable gaming device but if tests performed by Handheld Games are correct, the new iPod Touch is a much better performer. The new iPod Touch 2G runs at 532MHz as opposed to the 412MHz of earlier models - including the iPhone 3G (the G's mean something different, don't worry about it) and Handheld Games suspect there may be undocumented differences in the GPU speeds as well. After some experimentation, the four iterations of the device are ranked as follows: 1. iPod Touch 2nd Generation 2. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone (original) 4. iPod Touch 1st GenerationThis YouTube clip is meant to illustrate the difference in app loading speeds between the four models, although it would probably have been more visually effective if he has hit the icon on each at the exact same moment. As it it, though, this is a bit like watching Rick Wakeman playing loads of keyboards at once.

2nd Generation iPod Touch Faster than iPhone [Touch Arcade]

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Sigh, IF this is true...

One reason computer gaming is in a slump is that people want to buy something that lasts for a while. Releasing an upgraded iTouch every year is a bad move.

Then again, Apple fanboys won't complain. They never do.