New iPhone Will Include 3D Graphics Chip, Hits July

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Next week at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference the company will be unveiling its new iPhone, a device that will sport an improved 3D graphics chip, operate on a new, higher-speed network and hit mid-July, sources tell Kotaku.


Our sources told us that the new iPhone will also tout much more robust Bluetooth support, an upgrade that will allow third-party developers to to release add-on products like a keyboard or game controller. One thing the new iPhone won't have is a physical keyboard, instead Apple plans to continue to work on "perfecting" the existing one.

The new network, which AT&T is currently working on, in theory may also allow AT&T to extend its exclusivity deal with Apple.

Both the new iPhone and the new firmware for the current iPhone will roll-out on July 17, sources tell us.

This rumor comes as word hits that Apple is also starting to hire in-house game developers.

The inclusion of the improved 3D graphics and hiring of developers are, in many ways, Apple's acknowledgment of the growing importance of gaming to the platform. Another thing the developer is considering to help bolster gaming on the iPhone include the possibility of a new store dedicated solely to gaming. The company will also be watching with great interest the roll-out of in-game microtransactions with the latest firmware.

We were unable to confirm any of this beyond our sources, so take this with a grain of salt and keep your fingers crossed for the big announcement hitting this coming Monday. We've contacted Apple for clarification on the matter.



hmmm apple needs to learn not to update stuff every year.. lol who am i kidding.

SUPER greedy.. even though i like the ipod touch. they need to come out with one device and stick with it for AT LEAST 4 years. wth.