New Guitar Hero World Tour Video

In this new video from Guitar Hero World Tour Billy Corgan - the lead guitarist for the Smashing Pumpkins - shows us some of the motion capture that he had to endure to get his likeness in the game. The game will be hitting stores on October 26th.

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Lots of fanboysm in those comments.

Not much a Smash Pumpkins fan, but I think it's nice to bring musicians to the game scene.

I also don't like much the idea of "one game one band", but I think it's a goldmine for fans...

I'd love a Ozzy, Metallica or Dream Theater-only game. *drools*

I'm at least waiting and willing to try both Rock Band 2 and GHWT before sprouting useless rants every single new topic Kotaku or any other blog releases about them.