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New Gears of War 3 Teaser Shows Who Marcus Fenix is Fighting For

The new Gears of War 3 trailer is short. Vryshrt. It's just a tease of another trailer that will debut on May 28 during the Champions League Final Match (soccer, right?) and during Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in the U.S.


The Gears people say that the full trailer will provide "a riveting look at the epic-scale campaign in the Gears of War. They estimate the trailer will run at 9:45 pm GMT (5:45 pm Eastern, 2:45 Pacific)

While the recently-concluded Gears of War 3 beta gave gamers lots of exposure to the September 20 game's multiplayer, we've seen and heard very little of the game's single-player mode. Previously, all we had was this 2010 trailer:

It's all about Adam Fenix, Marcus' dad, it seems. That's no surprise given that the first Gears had us searching for Adam Fenix's mapping data which could help turn the tide in the series' war; and then the second game established that the missing father was still alive. The third game? Well, it'll be sold in special editions that include Adam Fenix's will as well as a code that lets gamers play as dad in multiplayer. Clearly, pops matters.


Let's hope, my fellow Americans, that those NBA playoffs go six games. The best-of-seven series in question, the Chicago Bulls vs. the Miami Heat is currently tied 1-1 and is guaranteed to go at least five.

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World Premiere "Gears of War 3" Campaign Trailer on May 28 [Epic Games]

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Never understood the appeal to the big bulky look in these games. That aside they got good artists working on the games.