New Games For Windows 2.0 Client Exists

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Microsoft has quietly released version 2.0 of the Games for Windows Live software, which includes an exciting new client that allows you to browse a nearly empty Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace.

As I said, things are relatively barren right now, with a handful of trailers that we could just as easily get somewhere else and a demo for Viva Pinata the only items available via the marketplace right now. It does indeed feature my gamer score in the top corner, but there's no way to really interact with it, so it just sort of sits there. Nice.

This is the sort of thing you'd think would warrant a big announcement, but there you go. Even the official GFW forums waited 2 days after the software was made available to say anything about it. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone else. It'll be our secret.


Games for Windows - LIVE 2.0 Setup [Microsoft - Thanks Clarke!]

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Oh, you may all think that Steam has an unassailable lead, and that Microsoft can't hope to become the dominant force in Windows digital games distribution even by giving away it's software and services for free.

Just remember: that's exactly what everyone thought about Netscape. Right before IE steam-rollered it.