New Final Fantasy XIII Screens Let You Compare Xbox 360, PS3

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Square Enix has summoned a batch of new screens for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII, perfect for those still unsure which version will win the fidelity contest. There's good news for both camps.


There's plenty of new, gorgeous looking screens of the game's battles, the wide open fields, a handful of cinematic events and even some nicely rendered menus. They're all sharp and ready to be ogled.

And according to the newest shots of the localized version of Final Fantasy XIII, both console versions look exactly the same. Exactly. Square Enix went to painstaking lengths to ensure that each and every shot looks identical, save for the display of the buttons on the role-playing game's interface. Everyone's a winner!

What's that you say? These are just the same screens with different buttons layered on top? Really? You think? Huh.


Pretty Sneaky Sis

I flipped that first picture back and forth about 40 times... It looks exactly the same, save for the button icon.